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Zapals in online store Zapals. SheIn in online store SheIn. TrendsGal in online store TrendsGal. Early projects included a training center in New York which taught recruited agents the craft of espionage - such things as street and electronic surveillance and the use of disappearing inks, codes, and ciphers - and the bugging of the hotels and automobiles of key Arab United Nations delegations.

There were from the outset, however, American targets as well. Jensen, offering to pay him for classified information and documents. Jensen pretended to accept the bait, and under the guidance of the FBI and the Justice Department, passed carefully selected material to two Israeli contacts named Abramski and Nevoth these names are from a declassified State Department document in which only last names are given. When Jensen was reassigned to Washington, Abramski and Nevoth followed to continue the arrangement.

As the Israelis had no diplomatic immunity in this country, the State and Justice Departments concurred in writing that prosecution should proceed under both the Foreign Agent Registration Act and applicable US espionage laws. Nevertheless, for reasons I have so far been unable to determine, Abramski and Nevoth apparently were not arrested and prosecuted.

The FBI's primary concern was the safety of classified documents on weapons-related technology, which were stored at Apollo. Frequent visitors from Israel had access to the documents, and one of those visitors, Rafael Eitan, was known to have Israeli intelligence connections. Yes, it's the same Rafael Eitan involved in the Pollard case.

Further, the security clearances of Dr. Yosef Langotsky, who came to the FBI's attention shortly after his assignment in mid to the Israeli Embassy in Washington as assistant army attach'e. Langotsky repeatedly wandered into secure areas at the Pentagon, and clumsily tried to recruit Pentagon employees to commit espionage. After several warnings to the Israeli Embassy, the Defense Department simply refused him all cooperation and any access to the Pentagon.

In early , Langotsky was quietly recalled to Israel by his government. Several of his colleagues had reported the individual for what they thought were security improprieties involving Israeli military and intelligence officials. No classified material was located during the search, though hundreds of the college's library books were found which had been obtained fraudulently and subsequently mutilated or destroyed.

The Defense Department turned the matter over to a federal prosecutor. In an arrangement with the prosecutor, the individual pleaded guilty in federal district court in Alexandria, Va. The arrangement included his immediate resignation as a civilian staff member of the Defense Intelligence Agency, of which the college is part. None of the security aspects of the case were ever brought to trial.

The individual involved is currently director of Mideast studies at a university in the Washington, D. Pollard said he could understand his son's feelings when he learned the US was not sharing with Israel the intelligence information it had on gas plants in Syria [and] impending PLO attacks from Lebanon.

The image here is of a bright young American Jew deeply torn between his concern about the survival of Israel and his duty as a US intelligence official to protect his own country's security secrets. There's a certain logic to this image, and even some elements of truth. But this is not why Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence. There is more to the story. S OON after Pollard's arrest in November , his Defense Investigative Service and FBI interrogators became convinced that much if not most of the "take" in fact had nothing to do with Israel's essential national security interests.

The problem was essentially this, The Defense Investigative Service and the FBI knew from lists hidden in Pollard's desk that he had been very specifically tasked. That is, his Israeli handlers had developed intelligence requirements for particular documents, by name and number. Initially, this indicated the possibility of another agent - the infamous "Mr.

X" - who was pointing the operation toward the documents Pollard was to steal. In a polygraph interrogation, however, Pollard confirmed what US defense officials already suspected: One of the first documents he'd been asked to take was a huge compendium of current classified military documents which is updated every three months.

This lists and describes tens of thousands of documents - a virtual road map for Pollard's handlers. No need for Mr. So what Pollard took was exactly what the Israelis wanted. But what did they want? The initial shock came when the FBI analyzed the 25 documents found in a suitcase Anne Pollard had removed from their apartment on her husband's instructions, after he was first questioned at the Pentagon. The question "Is there a Mr. Now there was a new question: The transcripts, together with computer records at the Defense Intelligence Agency and within the agency, at the Defense Intelligence College , where Pollard gained access to many of the stolen documents, have subsequently revealed that much of the operation's take had nothing to do with the Middle East at all - it contained details of US and Soviet intelligence, communications and military capabilities.

This included, according to the government's Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing, "details about US ship positions, aircraft stations, tactics, and training operations.

This concern was heightened when, during the Pollard investigation, a Soviet defector in US hands revealed that in addition to the two Soviet spies serving prison terms in Israel Shabtai Kalmanovitch and Marcus Klingberg , there was a third who had not been caught. He was well placed in the Defense Ministry, and still "active.

A second theme of Pollard's supporters is that the sentence was too harsh because the compromised documents, however voluminous and important, were sent to an ally. They question whether much damage was in fact done. The issue is fairly joined here, because it was almost certainly Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger's page classified submission to the court about damage to US security which led Judge Aubrey Robinson to issue a life sentence.

In the months since Pollard went to prison, his supporters have taken Mr. Weinberger to task for his role in the sentencing process. Dershowitz has characterized Weinberger's statements as "dirty pool.

Wolf Blitzer is a bit more circumspect in his book, admitting that Pollard had indeed damaged national security. But he adds the curious caveat that much of the damage had been contained, "because of the exposure of the operation" and because "US and Israeli intelligence -officials have cooperated - albeit not completely - to repair the damage.

Among the things Pollard sent to the Israelis, according to government submissions, were: None of the documents recouped in his apartment were excised: None of the documents returned by the Israeli government had been excised. The compromised documents, in other words, revealed all details about the intelligence sources and methods used to collect the information. Even if Pollard had tried to-excise sources and methods, he did not have the competence to do so.

We are speaking about hundreds of thousands of pages, thousands of documents, and hundreds of subjects. The information compromised included US military satellite photographs. If a foreign intelligence organization simply sees the photograph in a technical journal, all it has is the subject in the photo, the fact that the National Security Agency is interested, and some indication of the power and resolution of the satellite cameras.

But if foreign analysts get their hands on the original or even a good photocopy of the photo itself, they also get all the telemetry data that was printed around the edges - the location, distance, altitude, altitude and degree of angle of the satellite, among other things.

With this information in foreign hands, the NSA must reposition, or even change the orbit of the satellite, at great expense, and the element of surprise is lost. This is what Weinberger meant when he referred to "[the loss of] national assets which have taken many years, great effort, and enormous national resources to secure," Three separate Defense Department sources who took part in the Pollard operation damage exercise have been unable or unwilling to put a specific dollar figure on the loss.

But all three have, independently referred to "several billions of dollars" as a rough estimate, with the vast majority of that loss occurring to the technical collection resources of the NSA. And at that, we haven't counted the networks destroyed and the extreme personal risks caused for spies whose identities, locations, and activities were revealed. It makes virtually no difference that the pages went to Israel as opposed to, say, Czechoslovakia. No modern national security apparatus would risk many lives or billions of dollars on operations whose security it no longer controlled.

Once it is gone, it's gone. If Pollard had taken half the material and mailed it to KGB headquarters in Moscow, and had merely given the other half to a friend in Bethesda, Md. In this case, the material went to a foreign power whose intelligence services the US had reason to believe were already penetrated by the Soviets.

Former CIA director Richard Helms was recently asked in connection with Pollard, whether the US should distinguish between those who sell secrets to friends on the one hand, or enemies on the other. His answer was, no, it shouldn't, "for the simple reason that we don't know about the security of those other governments.

Helms's comment underscores another important point about the "take" in the Pollard operation: It is only the government of Israel, meaning the entirety of its security establishment, that could have used the voluminous material stolen in this case.

In his book, Mr. Blitzer is very careful to point out that when Mr. Peres became prime minister in September shortly after Pollard was recruited , Mr. Eitan "was asked to give up his counter terrorism responsibility. My source for this is Thomas Pickering, then US ambassador to Israel, who, when Eitan's name became connected to the case, was asked by the State Department about the man's ties to the prime minister.

He responded as indicated above in a "Secret" telegram No. It was declassified in in response to a freedom of information request from this writer. Perhaps the most embarrassing aspect of the Pollard matter, from Israel's standpoint, and the primary reason that those directly involved would like to see the Pollards released and the issue permanently resolved and out of the news, is the question of the policy context for the operation. Was Pollard the first person to spy for Israel against the US, or was he only the first one to be caught doing so, or was he only the first one to be caught and prosecuted!

You would be correct if you answered "none of the above. Blitzer distinguishes between "friendly espionage" and the nasty kind where agents are recruited and money is paid for information. The former is collected by overt technical means or by the reports of military and other accredited attaches. This Israel has done to America, and the US does to Israel, and everybody does to everybody else,-B-ut for decades, Blitzer maintains, the US and Israel have abided by an agreement not to spy on each other the nasty way.

That is provable nonsense. The Israeli government is even less equivocal on this matter than Blitzer. Shortly after Pollard's arrest, Prime Minister Peres issued a statement which said, in part: Not now, not when Pollard was recruited, and not at any time going back to the very establishment of Israel's first embassies in Washington and at the United Nations in The list in the accompanying article is by no means complete.

Documentary evidence exists of similar cases. Why are they not better known! Because prior to Jonathan Pollard, according to one senior FBI counterespionage official, "95 percent of the cases developed resulted in declinations [to prosecute].

The cases were dropped at the last moment. Pollard was certainly not the first and he probably won't be the last Israeli spy in America: He was just the most effective. That said, my sense is that many if not most in the US intelligence and military communities would be delighted to accommodate Pollard's family and supporters, and release the man and his wife to their adopted country.

It would depend on what the US could get in trade, perhaps in a three-way deal involving the Soviets and their spies now in Israeli jails. There is generally no rancor in Washington toward Pollard personally. And in any event, the damage is already done. But you can be sure that whatever has happened in the past, the next Israeli caught spying in America will be treated as a spy. Their discussions, according to Bruce Rice, NUMEC's security manager, "concerned the possibility of developing plutonium-fueled, thermo-electric generator systems in the 5- and milliwatt power level.

The Israelis were particularly interested in 10 generators in the 5-milliwatt range, which would be fueled by about 2 grams of plutonium. During a meeting with then-U. The late Carl Duckett, former CIA deputy director, found it "hard to reconcile Shapiro not recalling Lahav when the matter was first raised, but subsequently thinking he was the man he met in Pittsburgh," Duckett wrote in a letter to Henry Myers, former Udall aide, in response to Shapiro's unsworn testimony during an informal meeting with Udall's subcommittee in Shapiro also said he met the head of Israel's military intelligence during his trips there.

But, Shapiro said, he had no knowledge of Israel's nuclear weapons capabilities. Again, Duckett doubted Shapiro. Given Shapiro's background, his interest in Israel and "his contacts with senior Israeli officials concerned with nuclear matters, Continuing speculation After about a decade of investigations, federal authorities could not find significant evidence that Shapiro diverted uranium to the Israelis. But that didn't end speculation.

To bolster his argument, Hersh points to the large quantities of uranium found, according to the NRC, when the Apollo plant was decommissioned and taken apart in the s. In an interview with the Valley News Dispatch, former Udall aide Myers, who is not represented in a positive light in Hersh's book, questioned the validity of Hersh's claims and wondered why more people did not criticize the book.

Federal agents also considered the possibility that NUMEC's partnership with Israel on food irradiation made it easier to smuggle uranium out of the country. The worker, whose name is deleted in a November FBI document, told agents he believed the losses in uranium occurred about the same time NUMEC was involved in developing and manufacturing at least one large irradiator and several smaller units called "Howitzers" and shipping them to Israel. The employee believed if enriched uranium was to be illegally shipped to Israel, "it would have been a simple matter of placing the material in these food irradiator units in large quantities and shipped to Israel with no questions asked," according to the FBI report.

No one would have opened or examined them or had reason to question their contents. Shapiro insisted to Congressional investigators that such a phone did not exist and that the telex machines at NUMEC were ordinary.

Some of the missing material also was likely buried as waste on the plant site, he said. Diversion or sloppy records? Seaborg wrote to U.

Therefore, it cannot be said unequivocally that theft or diversion has not taken place. The losses were way beyond what we would have anticipated. We felt that Shapiro was deliberately negligent to cover the losses. News of the buried waste came as a surprise to the AEC, according to an Aug. Shapiro stated this new source of valuable waste was contained in about drums of scraps and cleanup material. The buried waste was exhumed in October , but only six kilograms of uranium - 56 kilograms short of what Shaprio said should be there - of nuclear material was recovered.

Why was he going public on television? All this did was get him in trouble in life. The thing about Duckett is he had no reason to lie. This is the second of three parts regarding the history of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. The name film originates from the fact that film has historically been the medium for recording and displaying motion pictures.

Many other terms exist for a motion picture, including picture, picture show, moving picture, photoplay. The most common term in the United States is movie, while in Europe film is preferred. Terms for the field, in general, include the big screen, the screen, the movies, and cinema.

In early years, the sheet was sometimes used instead of screen. Owing to the lack of any technology for doing so, the moving images, the magic lantern, probably created by Christiaan Huygens in the s, could be used to project animation, which was achieved by various types of mechanical slides.

Generally, a film director controls a films artistic and dramatic aspects, the director has a key role in choosing the cast members, production design, and the creative aspects of filmmaking. Under European Union law, the director is viewed as the author of the film, the film director gives direction to the cast and crew and creates an overall vision through which a film eventually becomes realized, or noticed.

Directors need to be able to mediate differences in creative visions, there are many pathways to becoming a film director. Some film directors started as screenwriters, cinematographers, film editors or actors, other film directors have attended a film school.

Some outline a general plotline and let the actors dialogue, while others control every aspect. Some directors also write their own screenplays or collaborate on screenplays with long-standing writing partners, some directors edit or appear in their films, or compose the music score for their films.

Realizing this vision includes overseeing the artistic and technical elements of production, as well as directing the shooting timetable. This entails organizing the crew in such a way as to achieve their vision of the film. This requires skills of leadership, as well as the ability to maintain a singular focus even in the stressful. Moreover, it is necessary to have an eye to frame shots and to give precise feedback to cast and crew, thus. Thus the director ensures that all involved in the film production are working towards an identical vision for the completed film.

The set of varying challenges he or she has to tackle has been described as a jigsaw puzzle with egos. It adds to the pressure that the success of a film can influence when, omnipresent are the boundaries of the films budget. Additionally, the director may also have to ensure an intended age rating, thus, the position of film director is widely considered to be a highly stressful and demanding one. It has been said that hour days are not unusual, under European Union law, the film director is considered the author or one of the authors of a film, largely as a result of the influence of auteur theory.

Auteur theory is a film criticism concept that holds that a directors film reflects the directors personal creative vision. It is the center and the technology hub of Israel, with a population of , Tel Aviv is the largest city in the Gush Dan region of Israel, Tel Aviv is also a focal point in the high-tech concentration known as the Silicon Wadi.

Tel Aviv is governed by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, headed by Ron Huldai, Tel Aviv is a global city, and is the thirty eighth most important financial center in the world.

Tel Aviv is known to have the third-largest economy of any city in the Middle East after Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City, the city receives over a million international visitors annually. Known as The City that Never Sleeps and a party capital, it has a lively nightlife, the city was founded in by Jewish immigrants on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Jaffa.

It is named after the Hebrew translation of Theodor Herzls novel, Altneuland, the modern citys first neighbourhoods had already been established in , the first being Neve Tzedek. Immigration by mostly Jewish refugees meant that the growth of Tel Aviv soon outpaced Jaffas, Tel Aviv and Jaffa were merged into a single municipality in , two years after the establishment of the State of Israel. The name was chosen in from several suggestions, including Herzliya and it was found fitting as it embraced the idea of a renaissance in the ancient Jewish homeland.

Aviv is Hebrew for spring, symbolizing renewal, and tel is a man-made mound accumulating layers of civilization built one over the other and symbolizing the ancient. Although founded in as a settlement on the sand dunes North of Jaffa.

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Nebo Haaretz - Guide, English Author: Sheffi, Smadar 13 August, Zur, Ouzi 13 August, On Mount Nevo Author: Levine, Angela 14 August, Sheffi, Smadar 17 August, Artists: Burg, Avital 18 August, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 18 August, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 19 August, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 19 August, Barak, Zuzana 20 August, Sheffi, Smadar 20 August, Zur, Ouzi 20 August, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 24 August, Amir, Yonatan 24 August, Gilerman, Dana 25 August, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 26 August, Yahav, Gallia 26 August, Artists: Amir, Yonatan 27 August, Artists: Zur, Ouzi 27 August, Artists: Rank and File Haaretz, English Author: Ahren, Raphael 27 August, Rauchwerger, Daniel 1 September, Artists: Yedioth Ahronoth - 24 Hours, Hebrew Author: Rauchwerger, Daniel 2 September, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 2 September, Sheffi, Smadar 3 September, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 3 September, Zur, Ouzi 3 September, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 6 September, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 6 September, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 8 September, Direktor, Ruthi 8 September, Artists: Hameiri, Yham 8 September, Artists: Baar, Neria 10 September, Rauchwerger, Daniel 15 September, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 16 September, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 16 September, Artists: Yahav, Gallia 16 September, Artists: No escape Haaretz - Guide, English Author: Sheffi, Smadar 17 September, Artists: Hirshfeld, Ariel 17 September, Artists: Haaretz - Magazine, English Author: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 17 September, Burg, Avital 17 September, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 21 September, Artists: Amir, Yonatan 24 September, Artists: Zur, Ouzi 24 September, Rauchwerger, Daniel 27 September, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 28 September, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 28 September, Rauchwerger, Daniel 28 September, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 29 September, Zur, Ouzi 1 October, Artists: Efrati, Yael 4 October, Rauchwerger, Daniel 6 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 7 October, Yahav, Gallia 7 October, Faded brushstrokes Haaretz - Weekend, English Author: Sheffi, Smadar 8 October, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 8 October, Yediot Karmiel, Hebrew Author: Sperber, David 8 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 10 October, Sheffi, Smadar 12 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 13 October, Artists: Amir, Yonatan 13 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 14 October, Yahav, Gallia 14 October, Collapse of a dream Haaretz - Guide, English Author: Sheffi, Smadar 15 October, Hameiri, Yham 15 October, Artists: Hoffman, Carl 15 October, Artists: Zur, Ouzi 15 October, Artists: Haaretz Gallery, Hebrew 20 October, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 21 October, Yahav, Gallia 21 October, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 22 October, Artists: Darkness made visible Haaretz - Magazine, English Author: Hameiri, Yham 22 October, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 22 October, Zur, Ouzi 22 October, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 25 October, Gilerman, Dana 25 October, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 26 October, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 26 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 27 October, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 28 October, When does a brushstroke become a feline?

Hoffman, Carl 29 October, Armon Azoulay, Ellie 29 October, Building Memory 1 November, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 2 November, Artists: What Brown did for us Haaretz, English Author: Rauchwerger, Daniel 3 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 3 November, Gilerman, Dana 4 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 4 November, Yahav, Gallia 4 November, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 5 November, Zur, Ouzi 5 November, Zur, Ouzi 5 November, Artists: Gilerman, Dana 8 November, Artists: Sheffi, Smadar 9 November, Rauchwerger, Daniel 10 November, Rauchwerger, Daniel 10 November, Artists: Gilerman, Dana 10 November, Artists: Yahav, Gallia 11 November, Zur, Ouzi 12 November, Artists: Haaretz Gallery, Hebrew 16 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 18 November, Artists: Aloni Dagan, Galia 18 November, Tal-Tenne, Nurit 19 November, Shared modernity Haaretz - Guide, English Author: Sheffi, Smadar 19 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 19 November, Amir, Yonatan 19 November, Artists: Zur, Ouzi 19 November, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 24 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 25 November, Rauchwerger, Daniel 25 November, Rauchwerger, Daniel 25 November, Artists: Armon Azoulay, Ellie 26 November, Yediot Petach Tikva, Hebrew Author: Hoffman, Carl 26 November, Zur, Ouzi 26 November, Artists: Amir, Yonatan 28 November, Yacobos, Daphne 1 December, Gilerman, Dana 1 December, Artists: Pnai Plus, Hebrew 1 December, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 1 December, Rauchwerger, Daniel 1 December, Artists: Rauchwerger, Daniel 2 December,

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In Writing Screenplays that Sell, Michael Hague writes Screenplays have become, for the last half of century, closet writers who used to dream of the glory of getting into print now dream of seeing their story on the big or small screen. Every screenplay and teleplay begins with a thought or idea, and screenwriters use those ideas to write scripts, with the intention of selling them and having them produced.

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Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a videotaped deposition played in court on Monday about the top kill. After that, "we began to be much more critical about what BP planned to do," Chu said. Photography effexor xr online The Commission's report will criticise excessive use offorce by police and a lack of dialogue with protesters, but itwill also note reforms made by the Turkish government, includinga "democratisation package" announced by Prime Minister TayyipErdogan last month, an EU source said.

Languages generic wellbutrin xl online Finally, Microsoft has the capability to turn any retail Xbox One into a development kit. Previously, with nearly all console releases, anyone looking to release a game on Xbox , PlayStation 3, and even the Wii U, has to go to the publishers and purchase an expensive development kit.

That process requires significant paperwork and an investment of cash up front. Have you got any? He claims he suffered a concussion as well as humiliation and mental anguish during the January altercation. Do you play any instruments? Most people had noidea of the structures behind that," said Hiroaki Ikebe,president of Ennet Corp, Japan's biggest independent electricitysupplier. But the Fukushima disaster, he said, prompted peopleto ask how the power supply system works, how fees arecalculated, what services are available, and how this compareswith other countries.

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הומו מאונן מוניקה סק

הומו מאונן מוניקה סק

Asaf Erlich - Emtsa Ha-haim lyrics. Dudu Aharon - Kshe-elech lyrics. Can women say it? Click here for the all-Hebrew version of this episode.

Words and expressions discussed: Next to you is someone talking on their cellphone much too loud. Slicha, efshar tipa yoter be-sheket? Shai Yom-Tov — At Hoferet. Matsav Ha-uma — Shtok, stom.

Why is this root used in the word for snacks? Because they're something you can grab and eat on the go. Now grab a seat and enjoy another deliciously appetising episode of Streetwise Hebrew. Listen to the all-Hebrew version here: Haperim at TLV airport.

The Hebrew language lay dormant for a very long while. Just how serious is this problem? Looking for the Hebrew version? Find it on www. Want to see more Hebrew gems?

Want Guy to talk about a pressing Hebrew issue? Looking for the full Hebrew version of this episode? You'll find it on Patreon at patreon. At yechola lehaber oti le-mishehu be-X? The four tribes of Israeli Society. Misrad Ha-tahbura - Ministry of Transportation. But it also relates to text messages and to tradition.

Guy explains this and more on today's episode. Tsarich limsor et ha-bakasha - One needs to physically hand over the application. Efshar limsor la vaksha she-Guy hitkasher? Gali Atari - Od Yom lyrics. Masoret Yehudei Maroko - Jo Amar. From "One could think" to "without thinking twice" and "think about it", this episode teaches all the thought-related expressions you can, well, think of.

Mishehu hoshev aleicha m. Shalom Hanoch — Laila lyrics. It is used for all things caring, like: Ken, ha-emet ichpat li - Do you mind? Poliana Frank - Ziva lyrics. Noa Kirel - Lo ichpat li Lyrics below clip on youtube. Hevra ezrahait Civil Society. Livuy La-haim - Nehiga ba-laila.

Ester Ofarim - Hayu Leilot lyrics. Likud election campaign Gilad Segev - Shtei Dakot lyrics. Today we are covering the root shavar, which gives Hebrew its words for break, broke, broken. There are plenty of unexpected phrases to learn with this root, one of which is not for kids, so please listen to the episode without them first. Yitshak Klepter - "Tslil Mechuvan" lyrics.

Dionne Warwick - "Heartbreaker". Most difficult Polish words. How do you say Thai food in Hebrew? Bomba Tsur - Ochel lyrics. Yigal Bashan - Hayech, achalta ota lyrics. Yoni Grave - Shesh Ba-erev lyrics. Madrich le-Slime achil Eden. You'll find it on Patreon. Streetwise Hebrew Episode Dana Berger — Yesh Be-ze Ta'am lyrics. Lahakat Hel Ha-yam — Hasake lyrics. Nurit Galron — Kulanu Zkukim Le-hesed lyrics. Sexta — Noladti La-shalom lyrics.

Riki Gal — Yeled Ra lyrics. Sivan Shavit — Kartis Tisa lyrics. Lior Yainy — Bo'i le-Eilat lyrics. David Broza — Yihye Tov lyrics. Sarit Hadad — Ba-hom shel Tel Aviv lyrics. Qasem Al-Sultan — Bas Yomein. Halom is a dream in Hebrew, plural, Halomot. Ruhama Raz - Halomot lyrics. Alma Zohar - Nad Ned lyrics.

Eifo Ha-yeled - Olam lelo Halomot lyrics. Yizhar Cohen - Halomot Shmurim lyrics. The Tel Aviv municipality launched a new campaign to encourage people to pick up after their dogs. But it has another meaning in the Tel Avivi gay lingo. What does it mean? Adir Bublil - Tarimu. Golstar reality TV show. Ilanit - Shana Tova lyrics. Shiri Maimon - Kvar Lo Shelcha lyrics. Yehudit Ravitz - Derech Ha-meshi lyrics.

Mabat - Siyur be-ramat ha-golan. Hayom ha-ze - Tat rama. It has to do with separation, borders and partitions, so you can imagine how popular it is here in the Middle East. But it has more meanings, for example at the hair stylist, in a stadium or even on a banana peel.

Hitchalakta al ha-sechel - Are you out of your mind? Partition plan, Tochnit ha-haluka. Uri Hizkiya mehalek itonim. Kotrot He-avar, past headlines. Mahleket asakim, business class. David Broza - Yihye Tov lyrics. Paul Simon - Slip Sliding Away. Rafi Perski - Million Dollar lyrics. Gazoz - Shir Avoda lyrics. Almost everybody knows the word chutzpah, audacity, brash behaviour.

When is it positive and when is it negative? Irit Linur - Galey Tsahal Radio. Rami Kleinstein - "Hanichi Li" lyrics. Ma osim kshe-ha-yeled mithatsef - Reshet Alef Radio. Ahmad Tibi - Arutz Ha-knesset. What do Hebrew speakers use as fillers? And what did we borrow from Arabic? Looking to support the show?

Learn how on Patreon. Dafni Liff interview Hinuchit TV. X-Factor - Orian Rakia. Meir Ariel - "Shoef Le-efes" lyrics. Shoshana Damari - "Zot Omeret" lyrics. Idan Amedi - "Az" lyrics. Arik Einstein - "Shavir". Like Streetwise Hebrew on Facebook and Instagram. Find him at StreetWiseHebrew. Learn why this is important, especially for people who want to improve their Hebrew. New words and expressions: MK Shelly Yachimovich interview.

Eretz Nehederet - Vetagid li. Noa Kirel - interview TV2. Efrat Gosh - "Ah Ah Ah" lyrics. Arnon Tsadok interview — Hinuchit TV. Bar Mitzva Erez Nehederet parody show. Today Guy talks about "around", "about", "8-ish" and more. Ken, mashu kaze — So at eight? Shmone tesha kaze — When should I come? Tavi kacha 20 — How many boxes do you want? Gay marriage is new to the world, and Hebrew, a gender-based language, has to face the music and find new ways to talk about it.

On this episode, Guy talks about an email from a married gay listener. Looking for the Hebrew versions of our episodes or other Patron-only content?

Guy's recent Skype chat with Patrons covered, among other things, California's wildfires and Hebrew podcasts produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

Want to join our Skype chat next month? Congratulations Arabic lesson by Maha. Everybody is going somewhere for the high holidays here in Israel! This is a good opportunity to talk about trips, passengers, driving, and other key Hebrew words.

How do you help someone park in a tight parking spot? Life in Israel is always exciting! Often we meet weird people and encounter strange situations. How do we talk about these things? What do we tell our best friends after stepping out from the wierdest meeting ever? Eich lavo, efshar be-jeans? Hu, ha, mi ze ba, rosh ha-memshala ha-ba! Hu-ha, mi ze ba, oniya im aruba — Hu-ha, who is coming, a ship with a chimney —! This week, Guy teaches a few handy expressions with it. What do you say to someone who is mansplaining to you?

Slicha, efshar latset lehitpanot? Sometimes one needs to whine 'lekater' and to go over the top. Israelis love to complain and use words like inferno, hell, nightmare, torture, and other flowery terms to describe another horrible queue at the bank. How do we use it in this day and age and how do we differentiate between a platonic friend and a serious partner? Kama ha-haver lo ratsa lavo lekan hayom? This episode is all about the nuances of an interesting word for all these contexts.

Yona Atari — Wikipedia Heb. Ili Gorlitski Wikpedia Heb. StreetWise Hebrew gets scientific: Meant for listeners who want to develop their advanced language skills, these episodes are entirely in Hebrew.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. Should we keep it going? Four years ago, we aired our first show, and this month, in August , we are celebrating more than 1. So you went to buy clothes in a Tel Avivi shop. Yesh et ze be-mida yoter gdola? It's so hot in Tel Aviv, you cannot believe it.

But if you want to say, "I am hot", don't translate directly from English to Hebrew. Listen to this episode first. You'll understand in a minute.

A teenager in central Tel Aviv said something to his friend on the phone that made Guy think: How do we say 'whiner' and 'to whine' in Hebrew? Today's episode is about the word 'bachyan' and its variations. How do you tell someone not to do something in Hebrew? How do we give it a boost to emphasize what we really mean? We can also say 'nehmad,' but in fact mean the opposite!

And what do we say about a waiter who is 'too nice'? Guy gives us the nuances of 'nehmad' in this week's episode. Ach be-kupat holim nisa lehathil iti o she-hu stam haya nehmad? Eich ladaat im hu stam nehmad o ba-keta? El mi hayinu nehmadim? Rak le-dodim ule-dodot — To whom were we nice kids? The word 'lidfok' in Hebrew is to knock or hit. As you might imagine, it means some more explicit things too. This episode is not child friendly! Guy nearly gets lost in the possibilities, and he even finds a Yiddish connection.

But don't take his word for it! At yechola litfos li makom leyadech? We always talk about what's around the corner or why it's a bad idea to cut them, but never the corner itself. So on this episode, Guy gives corners, 'pinot' in Hebrew, the attention they deserve! So you're shopping around for a short-sleeved shirt, and stop for an espresso.

Or the boss says don't take shortcuts, but a friend's constant adventures stresses you out so much it practically shortens your life! Yesh lach zman le-kafe? Ken, katsar aval — Do you f. The melodies of a language, Guy says, are equally as important. Think you already know Hebrew inside out? Ata rotse lashevet bifnim o bahutz? Ze yisgor li et ha-pina, o she-zo mana mamash ktana? Someone cut you in the line at a Tel Avivi market, just stepped right in front. What do you say to put them back in their place?

That is, back behind you in the queue. Some say kissing is a universal language. But what about giving passionate French smooches or just a peck in Hebrew? Guy divulges the details. Kama neshikot mitnashkim ba-aretz? Let's face it; you don't want to watch that movie your friends are going to see. Slicha, aval pahot mat'im li karega — Sorry, it's less convenient for me right now. Pahot hitchabarti — How was the movie? Why did the video become so viral? What exactly is the funny ending 'habai-ta,' if the word 'bayit' means home?

Host Guy Sharett has returned home! Listen to the most educational snippets of that chat guided by our studio manager Itai. The root of the word can be expressed in a plethora of ways, so host Guy Sharett teaches us how. Nasu be'atsmechem — If you guys don't believe it, try it yourselves. Lo, asuk — Wanna meet now spontaneously? No, I am busy. So you're in Israel. How do you tell someone to "wait a minute" or "hold on a second? Od rega, ha-shakshuka ba-derekh — Just a sec.

We use it to talk about the rain, internet downloads, mocking our friends, taking shots of alcohol, and more raunchy terms you should definitely know - which is why this episode isn't suitable for younger listeners. Ata lo yachol la'asot et ze yoter be-noam? Make sure you listen well! The episode is short and sweet. So you just saw the coolest concert, and then your friend made you the best soup you've ever tasted.

Sometimes you just need to tell the world. But how do you do it in Hebrew? Exclusive content for patrons. Seret madhim she-ata lo mevin — You cannot realize how amazing it is Lit: Exclusive content for Patrons. Zehu — May I have a bit more? Tipa'le yemina, tipa smola, od tipale. Slicha, efshar od tipa halav? Eize matana ve-eize naalayim? How do we use it, and what happens when we add it to mashehu, "something," or mishehu, "someone"?

On this week's episode, Guy teaches the words you need to know when surfing the web. Any guesses of how to say "to google" in Hebrew? Looking for the monologue text? I will become a fluent Hebrew speaker. But how do we say 'become' in Hebrew? Ma nihya itcha, itach, itchem, itchen — What's with you m. They get juicy - want a bite?

Asita li fadihot ba-schuna — You made fadihot to me in the neighborhood lit. Asita et ha-fadiha shelcha Sounds like: And the group talks about what dreams Guy has for the podcast, including the book he's working on. Exclusive Content for Patrons. Does your Hebrew improve after a couple "lechayims"? It's how journalists receive the latest news updates, it's how sports teams arrange lifts for upcoming matches, it's how school parents communicate about homework, and, of course, it's how friends plan their weekend get-together.

No'ach lach machar ba-boker? No'ach lachem ha-yom me'uchar ba-layla? Ze beseder im ani avo im mishehu? Today host Guy Sharett answers all these questions and more, with tips, tongue-twisters and a touch of socio-linguistics! One of the first words Israeli children learn is "kacha" - "like this" - especially when they keep asking "lama? You may even have been told "kacha" by your Hebrew teacher when you asked too many grammar questions. Today host Guy Sharett answers all your questions about "kacha," and gives some examples of how it pops up in Israeli slang.

But it can also mean "he claimed" or "complained. Yesh lachem be-mikra mat'en le-iphone hamesh? We cover everything from basketball, to math, beer and music, plus we even get to hear some iconic Israeli poetry. How do you deal with these people? What should you say to them in Hebrew? Efshar lachshov mi at — One might think you were someone lit. What an exaggeration, who do you think you are?

Today we're getting negative. Double negative, in fact. So, unlike in English, we use two negation words. Oh, and while we're learning, we also get to listen to some beautiful French and Brazilian songs. Od lo yatsa li — It hasn't come out to me yet lit. Im yotse lecha — If it comes out to you lit. Ma yatsa lecha mi-ze? What did you gain from it? Kama yatsa basof — How much did it come out as in the end? How much was it in the end? In this, "Part 3" of the chat, we hear different ways to say how tired we are in Hebrew, and our Patrons tell us how difficult they think Hebrew is to learn compared to other languages.

Part 1 ; Part 2. In this, "Part 2" of the chat, we hear some small anecdotes from our patrons' daily lives, including start-up secrets and server mishaps, and Guy explains some grammatical points as we go along. Over the next three weeks we'll be airing pieces of the Skype chat host Guy Sharett had with some of our Patrons in March.

In this, part 1 of the chat, we meet the Patrons and hear about some of their experiences visiting Tel Aviv and trying to use their Hebrew. In a country where everybody tells you what to do, how to do it, and when, it's only natural the word "adif" - "it's preferable" - would be a word you hear every day. Host Guy Sharett explains how we use "keta" to say that we're not into something, or to tell our friend how un funny they're being. Get ready for a feel-good episode! Zo she-tsricha lilmod lefargen le-atsma — The one fem.

Lefargen lecha eize ugat shokolad? Today's episode teaches you how to do something very useful on the Israeli streets - to stop someone who's talking at you and tell them "listen! Today's episode is all about "mazal tov. And what do you say when you're not sure if it's a boy or a girl, in a gender-based language like Hebrew? Host Guy Sharett has all the answers. One of the first things we learn to say in a foreign language is "how much does it cost?

We have to know how to "charge" as well. Kama ze ole li ba-shura ha-tachtona? Asking for the bill is one of the most important things to learn in any language. But "heshbon," in Hebrew, is about much more than just settling the account. On this episode, host Guy Sharett explains how Israelis do self-reflection, how they break even Are you playing by the "klalim"?

Host Guy Sharett takes us through all the rules, regulations, generalizations, and exceptions. Ma tsarikh likhlol heskem gerushin? In Hebrew we like to set meetings, rendezvous, appointments.

Eich kov'im ma yihye godel taktsiv ha-medina? Az eifo kavanu, tazkir li? Rotsim lishmo'a al ha-metukim shelanu? The root "nun-pei-lamed" is all about falling - "lipol" means "to fall. Ma hu nafal alay achshav?

If you want to listen to part 2, or even take part in the next live chat, head over to our Patreon page. From family members to boxing matches to intestines. Ata yachol lekarev et ha-salat ktsat? The word "miss" has many meanings in English: You can miss a bus, a lesson, miss someone, miss the point, and much more. Hebrew does not use one verb for all of the above, and some acrobatics is needed. Host Guy Sharett explains. You probably know that ochel kasher is "kosher food.

And what does the verb lehakhshir mean, and how is it all related to talent? Host Guy Sharett explains all. And how is the first name Raphael related? In this episode Guy Sharett explains all things medical. Ha-yom anachnu holchot ledaber al eich laasot roshem rishoni hiuvi — Today we're going f.

Wow, achi, sichakta ota, toda! Hu be-inyan shel banim o shel banot? Sometimes we're just "in basa" - in a state of annoyance, not really angry, but just bummed. From telling the time, to sports, to fashion, "hetsi" gets everywhere. But when do we say "hetsi" and when "hatsi"? Listen to find out. The Middle East is a place where people swear "on the honor of their mom" without thinking too much. Even advanced learners have difficulties with the pagash-nifgash verb forms, both meaning 'he met.

Az eich ze ba-sof she-kulanu nifgashim im otan ha-haba'ot? The word for "support" - "tmicha" - is vastly used in Hebrew, mainly in the context of tech support. The verb is "litmoch. The word "dkira" - "stabbing" - is unfortunately becoming the soundtrack to our lives here in Israel at the moment. We promise a special sanity episode once things get back to normal. How do we sleep in Hebrew?

Yeshena, yeshenim, yeshenot — Sleeping f. TV2 shnatz Shnat Tsohorayim Clip: This is a good opportunity to learn how to thank someone profusely and cynically in Hebrew. Hebrew has this interesting structure: Verb "haya" past tense of "to be" plus a conjugated verb in the present, like "hayiti holech.

Ma Atem Hayitem Osim? He's made aliyah since then. How are you supposed to know which one it is? Shalom, efshar laazor — Hello, may I help? Ata yachol laazor li bevakasha? At yechola laazor li bevakasha? It was really fun. Like many kids, they suffer there because they want to fit in in the new country and because often the teachers are not really enthusiastic about teaching language, and in the case of Hebrew, there are rabbis at Talmud Torah schools in New York who teach Hebrew with a Yiddish accent and not contemporary Israeli slang like we learn here.

I have a tour there where we learn tombstone Hebrew. TV1 Police Chief report. Ma kara, ma kara? Az ma od kore itach — So what else is happening with you? Tagidi ma kore itach? Yesh lachem be-mikre chalav soya? Shtuyot she-israelim omrim — Nonsense that Israelis say.

TLV1 Radio , the home of our podcast, has a few more shows for you to check out. They all focus on Israel in one way or another. You can find the podcast at tlv1. Playlist and clips used: How come some mistakes in a foreign language sound worse than others? Efshar kise — Could I please have a chair?

Efshar ledaber im… — May I speak to… — Playlist and clips used:. Commercial — Hufsha Mishpachtit. Commercial — Haloch Va-shov. TV2 Story — Shidrug, Upgrade. Playlist and clips used. Religious tolerance in Israel — TV TV2 — Behavior in the Knesset. How do we ask for more milk, for an encore or for another goal in a football game? Efshar od ktsat kafe? Tagidi li od paam — Tell me fem. Erik Berman — Ma Od Bikasht?

Host Guy Sharett shares his top 10 tips on how to rejuvenate your linguistic inner self:. Find stuff you love and read about it in Hebrew. Israeli National Radio in 14 languages. Saying new words out loud. Talk to the Google Translate App. Ilanit - Ei Sham lyrics. Yizhar Cohen - Abanibi lyrics. Gali Atari - Halleluya lyrics. Dana International - Diva lyrics. Netta - Toy final. Click here to refresh the feed.

What's the Hebrew language connection between the following: Guy explains it all on today's episode. Kabab Meforak - Chef Assaf Granit. Asaf Erlich - Emtsa Ha-haim lyrics.

Dudu Aharon - Kshe-elech lyrics. Can women say it? Click here for the all-Hebrew version of this episode. Words and expressions discussed: Next to you is someone talking on their cellphone much too loud. Slicha, efshar tipa yoter be-sheket? Hava Alberstein — Perach Ha-lilach lyrics. Koki Livne — Sheket lyrics. Shai Yom-Tov — At Hoferet. Matsav Ha-uma — Shtok, stom. This episode is about the root.

Why is this root used in the word for snacks? Because they're something you can grab and eat on the go. Now grab a seat and enjoy another deliciously appetising episode of Streetwise Hebrew. Arik Einstein — Mekofef Ha-bananot lyrics. Haperim at TLV airport. Looking for the full Hebrew version of this episode? You'll find it on Patreon at patreon. At yechola lehaber oti le-mishehu be-X? The four tribes of Israeli Society. Meser is defined as message or theme, as in the meser of a story, or the main idea behind the text.

But it also relates to text messages and to tradition. Guy explains this and more on today's episode. Tsarich limsor et ha-bakasha - One needs to physically hand over the application. Efshar limsor la vaksha she-Guy hitkasher? The words daluk, nidlak, and lehadlik are all related to turning on electric devices. Patrons can find the all-Hebrew version of this episode on http: Lahakat Ha-nahal - Shalva lyrics. Gidi Gov - Shetach Ha-hefker lyrics.

Lidor Yosefi - Daluk Alayich Esh lyrics. Idan Yaniv - Lehadlik Oti lyrics. Ha-pliz - Al Techabi Oti lyrics. Keren Levy - Ata Madlik.

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Internet information and rumors suggest the good news is Green Hornet film inside of the works, using a possible casting of Jake Gyllenhaal when your main dynamics. What would you suggest into the scriptwriters if you were seriously given option? When you consider being independent, you may be thinking dollars right off of.

This does have some referring to being independent, and men, although some may be old-school need to pay for everything, still find the concept of a woman that get care of herself very appealing. However, I wasn't thinking firstly financial mobility. It's said if you're not happy alone, after that you won't be happy with someone else. Basically, it's that thought that are needed a man to be happy, and this is not independence whatsoever.

Women who are by are often down usually they are not with someone, or if perhaps the relationship isn't going the way they feel it actually. These classy women will come off as materialistic and snobbish at first but she knows how to make you're feeling like the luckiest guy in the world; a person's can cultivate with her personality and be able in order to provide her what she needs, she will give you her loyalty and undivided observation. Come on and you'll win the love associated with Libra girl friend.

It made a re-appearance in the 's when nurses began to use it to alleviate pain in patients. Who else wants to understand how to systematically build attraction within women?

Or does she not consider the time to adopt love and marriage appreciably? Addressing your child and understanding their mentality is always helpful. Your friends wondering wrong with you actually?

Manifesting quickly is possible. To manifest anything quickly, in order to to possess a singular focus, believe it's possible, and let go of dominate. The problem is most people have difficulty staying focused on anything and shift to our store and associated with being.

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If there is music playing, your date may occur to want you to dance with her. If you know how, you'll have in all probability fun, if not, you'll either usually dance with her, or make a cumbersome situation very much embarrassing by trying. It'll come in handy at wedding receptions. Virtually every wedding reception has bouncing.

If you know the right way to dance or otherwise feel reasonably comfortable out on the dance floor, you are going to a good time and make your family proud. If not, you'll hide as shadows and likely drink too much. So, to do this week, sensing unit especially your mate or date irritates you, remind yourself, 'I am that, I am' and notice what plenty of from of which. Please report in with your observations we have it affects your relationship with yourself and your honey.

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My outlook and motto still remained and remains, "We all die. Life is too short to daddle a concern. This time she may be asked along with police efficient as their operative on a luxury Nile cruise simply because have "certain" information which the major heist of Egyptian antiquities is being planed. Vicky suspects how the person they want her to uncover is her occasional lover and thief extraordinaire, John Smythe. What she doesn't expect will be always to find him traveling by using a beautiful little lady.

As she attempts to concentrate on crime she finds herself distracted with other passengers but mostly by her very own feelings for John. And even though women have the social stigma of being viewed as being a "slut," they're betting that they are sexual creatures, and they've needs the same as guys do. Feel free to ask to secure a phone number after certain rounds of messages. But respect the decision of your potential date if they don't give you their number right away - your articles may feel they should know you better first.

I've several new comic series on the works. Really want these, an historical western, will eventually become translated into a screenplay. Observe started teaching an 8 week course, aided by artist Rich Woodall, on how to write and draw comics for the local comic book shop. Our first session is nearing completion and a completely new one starts Jan. Try thinking of yourself that way, and wait to see if can make any selling price.

Which makes me hope he's adopted my generational take on the figures. Try to find out where he promises to take you, dress appropriately, and enjoyable. She appreciates clear and intelligent conversations. I am a 38 year old single mom. My philosophy about life and death has evolved numerous times over my life.

I belief this will additionally apply to most people because of life altering changes we all experience. My mother has always called us a pessimist, whereas I refer to it being a realist. Undoubtedly one of my beliefs that has never changed, and which is often a source of grief between my mother and me is that we're constantly saying, "We all die. Asian dating sites are the solution for such couples to meet each other online.

There are other social services like Facebook or some other popular social bookmark management sites support these singles meet web based. Generally speaking, online adult cialis coupon voucher sites are essentially the most popular method single women in Asia to meet Asian men Western people. These dating sites are generally for dating, relationship and marriage. So, thousands of singles sign up daily to for their second more than half.

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I have seen many guys got married with brides which 10 or 15 years younger. As children we learn that if you don't admit fault may "sometimes" pull off it. Exactly what we get caught we started in issues. As adults we know becoming said honest is the proper policy, need to we select from that child's mindset. We "think" we won't get caught, but the truth always comes out. Don't let the inner child suceed in! If must make sure your partner to be Christian, then join a website that is about Christians.

Technique so, you do not waste time searching and checking perhaps person is often a Christian or. When you are at a Christian website, you will focus on other traits of the individual that will matter to all of your decision later on. My second setup is in college. I'd had a crush on him for years - he was family friends with my best ally and her family. He was a senior after i was a freshman enrolled in college. We were setup, I believe our first date was dinner.

That relationship lasted the whole year! So your next time you're considering of taking one among these detours, stop and finish and get back and re-start your adventure. I guarantee you'll be glad you worked as a chef.

Seriously guys, these tools is Substantially less complicated laptop or computer is made out to choose to be. This process makes experience good, too, literally. Asian men in these Western nations are popular guys who treat women with recognizes. Are you feeling there's pretty much any a pattern there, or was shade scheme merely coincidental?

So, you've heard of 'game' may think that's dating. Well, there's dozens school of thought about these tasks.